The Inner Journey

If you want to feel good Body, Mind and Soul you need to let go of old Life patterns like false beliefs, traumas, inner blockings, suppressed feelings, negative situations and events that you have experienced throughout your Life. You also need to turn all your negative false beliefs about yourself and Life into new truths that give your Life meaning instead. To feel good is not all about your physical body but equally about your inner world.


It’s all about balance.


Through the inner journey you can discover all the old things that you have been carrying around since you were young ,and once and for all deal with them and let them go so you can move on in your Life.


You know the feeling you float around in when you are crazy in love, nothing else matters and you don’t care if you don’t have a dime in your pocket cause you have love and that’s all you’ll ever need. You are so present in the now not wanting to miss a second of all the amazingness going on in all that is.


The inner journey takes you to a place where you get to experience who you truly are feeling like love without being in love. It helps you find your way back to the joy in Life. Simply put, the inner journey is about finding your true self being love, and as your true self get the chance to discover forgive, release and let go of old traumas, inner blockings, suppressed feelings situations and events that you have experienced throughout your Life and resolve old conflicts etc. so you can start living your Life as who you truly are. It’s a really powerful process .You will be guided through different steps to experience self-awareness. The inner journey is a tool used to help you reach deep inside to find who you truly are.


Due to our cellular memory we tend to react out of habit to a lot of things in Life. The cellular memory stores all the suppressed feelings we haven’t dealt with, like negative emotions, events and situations. That shows in your Life in how you deal with conflicts and relationships etc. If you can reach behind that illusion and remove those blocks you will see the truth, and the truth will set you free.You consist out of layers and layers of false beliefs and if you start to peel of these layers one by one in the end you will reach your true essence and who you truly are.


When healing takes place on that level it’s really common that your body will heal from sickness, pain, emptiness, meaninglessness and fears. That happens because your cellular memory is being reprogrammed in a new constructive way and that makes the physical symptoms that manifested in your body through your false beliefs disappear


The inner journey process has a solid structure of me guiding you through the flowing timeless aspect that exists within all of us. Every person experiencing this will be making their own journey but I will be there to guide and support you. This method has nothing to do with any type of religion whatsoever, it’s not a religious thing. Something that is really interesting to see is that a lot of people are often more scared of walking in to their inner light feeling their own blissful love than staying out in the cold in misery and sorrow continuing to dwell in the past forever and ever. If you just let yourself  fully explore your inner self it will feel like a cleansing water washing threw you flushing all the old away.


I’ve noticed that a lot of people are actually scared of feeling happy! They think there have to be something wrong if you feel that way all the time and that you have to feel bad sometimes. I agree to the point that if you haven’t ever experienced sorrow happiness doesn’t really mean anything cause one doesn’t exist without the other, but if you have lived many years finding no meaning to anything, in my world it’s a welcome change to be able to find a way to true bliss by only changing how you choose to experience things.


One of the amazing things with the inner journey is that you heal yourself on all levels. It’s not like when you receive healing from a healer when you have to keep coming back for more. This change is constant. Once you have released an inner blocking it never comes back. It’s gone for good. To experience you true self is a profound transformative experience since you up to this point have been living in a more limited version of who you are.


In your true self you will find that untainted part of you beyond the illusion that you are separated from all that is. It’s from that place you will be able to release forgive and let go of the past, and finally see things clear. It often becomes really clear as to why you have reacted to Life and situations in a certain way up until now due to the inner blocking or embossing you had within that later on in Life was triggered by someone that had nothing to do with it in the first place.


There are two versions of the inner journey; The Emotional Journey and the Physical Journey. I recommend doing the emotional first and then the physical. After that you can choose whatever one you feel works best for you.