Change Your Truth

The Ultimate Change is to once and for all Change Your Truth and What You right now Believe to be True.When you choose to believe that the truth in your heart is your only truth, and you start living that truth as your reality, you attract that experience to you. All the things your heart desires can come true, one way or another, but the outcome however is also Depending On You. You need to keep a POSITIVE MINDSET and take the steps you are guided to take.


Most people think that if they just get that Job,  Partner or Money or whatever they want, they’ll be happy, but the way it works is the other way around. Start by feeling grateful for already having whatever it is that you want, find the essence in what you want to experience, and give focus to that feeling as much and often as you can. That feeling is what the Universe needs from you to set things in motion.


Be the essence of friendship and you will attract Friends. Be the essence of LOVE and you will experience LOVE. The trick is to always give out the feeling that you already have what you want, even though you can’t see it yet. Imagine yourself being a magnet that is drawing it to you and know that the opportunities coming your way will take you there. What you give out in vibration comes back to you. So when you change your truth, it will play out in perfect time when it’s for your highest good.




Your Life and your relationships look a certain way based on what you right now believe to be true and what you are currently attracting and creating. When you change your truth everything in your world will rise to a happier place too. The things you thought would never change will change. What’s real for you today might be what’s unreal tomorrow, It might not even exist anymore because you made the change. When you feel like you’re sinking use these tools to pull yourself back up again and through that- Change your truth into something else.


If you change the way you make your decisions to what feels right to start with, that will take you to find your own passion in Life. When you learn how to use the Law of Attraction and experience that in full action, you will feel like you are seeing miracles every day and it will make you feel so good you will be spreading positivity around you wherever you go and that will contribute to lifting our collective consciousness to a higher vibration.


You will then start to feel joy helping others around you just cause it just FEELS so good. The better you feel, the higher vibration, the stronger the power to create, and when enough of us are up there creating an energy field of positivity shifting the focus to LOVE giving that out to the Universe, that will truly make a change.


Just by being in the energy of a positive environment helps people that doesn’t feel good to feel better. So if enough of us do it we will also help the ones that doesn’t make the change. It’s a win – win. It all starts with you. By helping yourself, by loving yourself, by simply doing what you came here to do, by following your intuition and living your dreams you will help make this world a better place.




Wake up and know that it’ s up to you and I to create change and a new truth on Earth. We can really make a difference! Be who you truly want to be and don’t be stopped by your false beliefs.




To change this World and what you right now believe to be true about whats happening everywhere around you is so easy, and yet so hard. Inner peace CREATES outer peace.Whatever you focus on is the world created for you to experience, it’s what becomes your Life. It’s all connected. The Universe is just a big mirror giving back to you what you give out, so if enough people found their inner peace we would have world peace.


I’m not talking about all the suffering people on Earth, not asking them to shift their focus, I’m Talking About Us! The ones of us that have the strength to shift our focus to help those who are in desperate need. But we have to do it now not just talk about it. We need to use our power to create TO CREATE a new TRUTH on Earth. There is enough of us and we have the power to create change!





Since the media all over the world keeps reporting about all the misery going on, thats all we see and that’s what we are fed to believe and that’s what we keep creating as our reality.


If that would stop and start being about all the good things happening instead, about the love, the heroes, the kindness and about peace and harmony, then eventually that’s what people would believe to be true and that’s the reality that would be created. The more people worldwide believing this, creating this truth the more it would spread and when enough of us are up there changing the truth to love a lot would change. Follow the right feeling in your heart. Make the change and make that your truth. The truth changes all the time but this is a basic truth. Once you get your grip on this reality you will find endless levels of truth within this truth.




Believe in yourself and that what you feel inside is right. It’s just waiting for you to listen. That’s free will. You can choose to change your world, your reality to whatever truth you FEEL. Trust the process of it all and choose to no matter what, make whatever you FEEL in your heart into your actual reality, by simply believing it is. Focus your gratitude towards it and follow your own inner guidance.You have nothing to lose! You can do it without telling another living soul about it and just see the magical change coming true right in front of your eyes. Visualize it every single day. Don’t get caught up in how it happens, feel that it’s already happening and allow yourself to get lost in that. Dare to daydream! That’s how you find the right feeling to set things in motion.


Change everything you thought was true to whatever your heart tells you, and your whole Life will change too. But if you choose to never make the change and follow your heart, then nothing will ever change. The amazing thing with this change is that once you make this your truth, the only thing limiting you is you. We all come from love and when the intention of everything you do comes from love everything else will fall into place. Dare to listen.