Have you ever had a bad day and then everything changed because a stranger smiled, said or did something nice for you? Do you remember what that felt like? Was it a good feeling? Something you want to feel again? Something you wish for others to experience? What would it take for you to smile at the people you meet on the street on any given day? Would that be a big change? Would that be something you could consider doing?


What if the choice to help a stranger means the difference between Life and Death for that person that day? Would it be worth it then, to get out of your comfort zone? What if before you smiled at that person, the darkness they felt inside was so overwhelming they were about to end their Life, but the warmth they felt from that one smile was enough to actually keep them from doing it that day. If you knew that, would you do it more often?


Have you ever felt that grateful feeling within when someone has given you a helping hand that was no big deal to them but it made all the difference in the world to you? Do you remember how happy that made you feel, like you actually mattered? Like you are important enough for someone else to take time out of their Life to help you. To be on the receiving end of that feels amazing, but I think the giving end feels even better.


It’s a nice feeling to put a smile on someone’s face just because you can. To always say out loud the compliments you think, to always lend a hand when you see someone struggle. To not be the person that looks the other way, but to actively choses to pay it forward to anyone and everyone just because you can.


To actually take time to ask a homeless person if there is some way you can help brighten their day. Sometimes just talking is enough. That one kind word that didn’t cost you anything might have put some sunshine in that person’s Life. You have no idea what goes on in the lives of the people you meet on the street. The pain that some people carry inside. To give of yourself and to notice someone that has never been seen before might make a world of difference. It might be the turning point in that person’s Life.



I took the train to work everyday prior to Bliss and every single morning I saw this homeless guy sitting by the exit begging for money, and I’ve given him some from time to time. From day one I’ve felt this urge to talk to him, and one day I decided to make the change from looking to doing so I did. I went and bought him breakfast and then instead of just giving it to him and walk away I decided to sit down next to him and talk to him. I felt like it must have been so long since he actually felt like a human being so if nothing else I wanted to give him that. I gave him his food and started to talk to him. I think the first thing I said sitting down was;


– What happened?


He told me the story of his Life and the exact moment when it all went down. He slept in different toilettes around Stockholm and was a heroin addict. The authority’s had not helped him, because the way things are done over here is just killing people in cold blood. So he was left out in the cold to die basically. He had a 10 year old daughter. He showed me a picture, she lived with her mom. She was the sunshine in his world but something happened and now he wasn’t aloud to see her anymore, so everything for him felt dark.


I decided then and there that I was going to help this man. I started by giving him food everyday and I also sat down and talk to him every day. I coached him back to Life and helped him find his inner strengths to get the social services to open up the doors for him again so he could get into rehab. His face lit up when I came by and he looked so grateful, which in return made me feel even more grateful that I chose to reach out to him that day. Gratefulness is an incredible feeling. So what happened in the world to make the compassion for people in desperate need of help disappear? Why is money more important than people? How did that happen? What inside you is stopping you from actually reaching out? Ask yourself that. What is keeping you from changing? What will it take for you to make the change and lose your mind and go with what feels right instead?


Do you need help getting there?



Is the step from where you are today to actually reaching out too big? Could a smaller step be to start helping yourself break free and find inner peace? What is keeping you from helping yourself finding your personal Eden? What is keeping you from being who you truly are? What is keeping you from making it right? To create more love in the world is so easy to do but for some reason so incredibly hard for people to actually see as a truth. There is this amazing movie called Pay It Forward. When someone does you a big favor, don’t pay it back – pay it forward.


It basically works like this; you do a favor for three people, something they can’t do for themselves and then you ask each of them to pay the favor forward by doing favors for three other people each, and so on. Do the math and you will see it will spread endlessly. I highly recommend watching it if you haven’t seen it already.


We are all in this human experience together so BE HUMAN! If you can, help someone who can’t. Give everyone you meet something to be grateful for.  They want happiness just like you and me. Fill their emptiness inside and love will bring them back alive. Choose positive thinking to help create a better world. Find inner peace for world peace! Give love to yourself and everyone you meet, it changes everything. There is enough of everything on this planet for everyone. Use the power to create. If we would use all the money spent on war, poverty would be no more. It’s time for a change.


We are all connected-help someone. This world needs healing.


It’s desperately crying out to get our attention! What do you think all these natural disasters are? It’s Mother Nature asking us to WAKE UP!! If you take a step back and look at the bigger picture with the knowledge that whatever happens inside is what we are living on the outside you will understand what I mean. The thoughts of too many people are way too unbalanced hating on themselves which is creating all the misery we see. We are living and experiencing the lack of love people feel inside. Too many people have forgotten what’s true and are living solely from their egos instead of from their hearts. We need to change that, and this is a perfect start!


Someone once asked me if I was looking for trouble?  I just realized that subconsciously that’s exactly what I’ve been doing to get to where I am today.The fast track for me to experience who I truly am was to be the total opposite of that up until a certain point the turn it around completely to create Bliss for me.  My next step is to create Bliss To All Mankind.


Keep this in mind if you get lost or fall, that in the end-