Winds Of Change

In My World things Happen For a Reason and are meant to nudge you in the right direction of whats Meant To

Be. If you choose not to listen, the nudge becomes a squeeze, and if you’re still not listening something major

will happen that will abruptly get your ATTENTION.


Entering The Experience of Corona.


I Believe this experience needed to happen to Create Change. Know that all your loved ones crossing over in

this wave are doing it to selflessly help in the massive change, and you will see them again when your own

journey comes to an end.


Follow The Voice in Your Heart every step of the way and take action. This change will help humanity move one

step closer to living in a World full of LOVE and COMPASSION.


Do your part in the Creation of Change and Don’t Go Back To Your Old Ways once this storm blows over. Keep

following the voice in your HEART and let LOVE lead the way.


Stay Blissed!