Winds Of Change – Step 2

The START of the Change was the Experience of Corona. It made the World come to a dead halt. The second step was to see what needed to change first hence what happened in the United States. RACISM. It’s the FIRST THING that NEEDS TO CHANGE WORLDWIDE.


Humans needs to FULLY UNDERSTAND that We Come From The Same Pure LOVE prior to the Life Experience only looking different due to the experience we have chosen for ourselves in this Life this time around. That Realization and Awakening will Create a MASSIVE CHANGE in Consciousness.


There is a perfect reason why you look like you do and this has nothing to do with your own worth or value and should not in any way shape or form effect your journey in a negative way in Life. It just IS.


This TRUTH has since long been forgotten and needs to step into the light again. Once this INSIGHT is set the majority of all hatred will retreat. It’s important to understand though that the wounds are still fresh and very deep so we need to treat each other with LOVE UNDERSTANDING and COMPASSION and do Whatever We Can to HELP PEOPLE HEAL.


The FIRST STEP in doing so is to Change Your Perspective. Look at all the people in the World as travelers chosen to travel with you this time around and for an equally good reason as you. If as many people as humanly possible take responsibility for themselves in this PERSPECTIVE CHANGE and Act Out Of LOVE the more it will spread and fill our Collective Consciousness with this Understanding which will lift it to a Higher Vibration. That in turn will make the Universe reflect MORE LOVE in our Collective Reality. 


Acts of Racism needed to happen in a Big Way this time so it couldn’t be swept under the rug anymore hence the seriousness and escalation of the incidents happening. It WON’T STOP until the Majority Chooses to LISTEN.


Know that it’s Happening For a Reason and that it’s for the Greater Good of the World. BLACK LIVES MATTER is such a BEAUTIFUL AMAZING START and it’s clearly what needs to hit home FIRST otherwise this wouldn’t have happened.


The END GAME though is to Reach The Understanding THROUGH ACTION Every Day in Every Way by Everyone that LOVE is ALL that matters.


It’s a choice people. And every single one of you has the POWER TO CHOOSE it. It doesn’t cost anything and it can happen in a heartbeat. It’s such an EASY CHANGE that will truly Change EVERYTHING. Make This Change Today in EVERY possible way.


The people crossing over in this step of the change has selflessly and bravely chosen to do so to help, so don’t let it be in vain.


This is Step 2 in The CREATION of Bliss For ALL Mankind.