It’s okay for things to get messy sometimes. That’s just Life. It throws you up and down, around and around in the most unexpected times. One moment you have it all together only to have the ground beneath you disappear in the next. Things you thought would never happen to you is all of a sudden your whole world. It can turn around in a heartbeat though. You can get knocked down and get back up again time and again. You learn and you grow. When does it end though? How long can you keep up the fight?



Messiness is a natural part of Life. Trying to avoid it is asking for it even more I feel, because you’re focusing on it. And if you are focusing on it, it might be something you need to learn how to deal with or maybe you need a change of direction or you might be in a too deep of a sleep and needs to wake up a little. Regardless of the reason, it’s okay to just stop in the midst of the chaos and look at the craziness as if you were a bystander. Just to get some perspective. To feel overwhelmed is an overwhelming feeling. It kind of feels like quicksand. The more you fight it the more you sink.



Don’t let it drag you down though thinking it’s real. What’s real anyways? Sometimes it’s easier to embrace it than trying to fight it. Let it happen. It will pass at some point. If it keeps escalating, stop and listen to your heart and take it one second at a time until it stops. Let it be messy for a while. It’s fine. It’s one way to feel alive.Good thing there’s a counter-pole experience to feeling alive on the bliss side though! Otherwise the Life Experience would totally suck! That’s what I hold on to. Allow yourself to be in the mess for a while if it feels easier than to fight it. The fighting to keep things in order might be what’s creating the chaos in the first place. Try to let go.



Things will subside eventually and love will overflow.