Who You Truly Are



I believe we all have a unique inner greatness just waiting to be recognized and let out. None better than the other, all equally great, but in the end it’s just a matter of who chooses to recognize it and have the courage to actually listen and let it out. Trust your inner guidance and knowingness. I believe we are here to gather certain experiences, meet certain people, accomplish certain things for a higher purpose and to experience who we truly are. I believe we have all the knowledge we need inside of us and it’s available for anyone who chooses to listen. I believe we are here to experience what we already know and to use our power to create.


I believe that’s how it all started anyway but somewhere in all of this people got lost. I’ve been really lost my whole Life and it took me until 9 years ago to make sense of what I’ve always felt inside and to figure it out. The way I see Life and choose to experience things has changed everything for me. I don’t think we’re all meant to know all the ins and outs of everything, but I do believe that the Life Experience is in desperate need of a change.


A lot of people hide behind the fact that this is just who I am, love me or leave me – kind of thing. That’s just who they choose to be, and in any given moment you can choose to be something else. The choice to change is always yours. You get the chance to choose how to react to everything coming your way every single day. It’s never too late to change.


Choose to do what love would do. Be love. Everyday in every way. It’s through how you choose to react to things that show you where you are within yourself in that moment in Life. If you in any given situation choose to react to things in the most loving way you can that represents the very best of you and choose to do that all the time, a lot would change.


If you chose to change perspective and understand that whatever’s happening “to” you is actually meant to help you grow or steer you in the right direction, it would become so much easier to be kind to people and act in a loving compassionate way. They are just showing you what you need to do to be the best you, so what you should do is say thank you. That’s the “be love” part. See things through the right perspective. When you understand the bigger picture you will evolve.






What is your passion in Life? When does time stand still? When do you love? What makes you smile? Do you feel like you make a difference? Do you find meaning in the things you do? Are they truly you? Start by asking yourself that. Dare to find out your Life purpose and listen to yourself. You are here for a reason. Dare to find out what that is. Why would you settle for something that doesn’t make you want to jump out of bed singing every day? Don’t give up what you want the most for what you need right now. Don’t live your Life through other peoples false beliefs and conditionings. Break free!


If whatever you are doing or saying doesn’t feel good inside it’s not who you truly are. Know that.


Change the relationship you have with yourself. Love yourself. Give yourself a break. If you take a look around you, do you like what you see? If you look in a mirror, do you see love in the eyes looking back at you? Do you see the beauty around you? Are you living what you feel is true? If the whole world were to follow you right now, would you be proud of where you took it?


I know when Life knocks you down it’s hard to see it this way, and to balance yourself out straight away.Try the meant to be, see the bigger picture, and find the silver lining perspective, and think about the as within so without thing. What’s happening inside you right now? Can you see it in the world around you? Please don’t hate on yourself. It changes everything. I know this because it worked for me. I was ready to end things, and look what the change has done for me.


The thing I say to myself over and over again when my world is turned upside down is this:


It’s happening for MY HIGHEST GOOD


Those words have helped me so many times and it always turns out to be right. By just saying them out loud everything changes. I find myself feeling more relaxed and I get back up again seconds after being knocked down by simply thinking the BLISS WAY. It get’s me back in the game in no time.  To change your perspective on Life and by choosing to be who you truly are, are Life changing changes. Nothing will ever feel the same.


Think about this question; Who are you? I’m not talking about what you do, what you like, who you wear, how you spend your day or how much money your daddy makes, I’m talking about you – Who are you? Are you the best you in all that you do? If not – Are you willing to make a change? You are here for a reason.