The Bigger Picture


In my world EVERYTHING happens for a reason.


It might be hard to see it from where you are standing right now, but if you would be able to take a step back and see the bigger picture, you would see that the thing you are prejudging as bad is actually necessary for the higher good for you in the long run, to get the best possible outcome of whatever is supposed to happen later down the line. Just because it looks like the road you are on right now is taking you somewhere you don’t think you want to go, it might make a 180 at some point turning into your perfect path to everything you ever dreamed of, taking you exactly where you want to be. When you can’t see clearly, feel your way forward AND TRUST THE PROCESS.


Whatever feels right is right, so always trust your right feeling.


What about the things happening in your Life, your outer world, do you think they have anything to do with what’s happening inside of you? Do you believe in the power of the mind? Do you think you are living your own creation right now? Even if you are new to that kind of thinking, do you think it’s possible to make something happen just because you really want it to?


Has that ever happened to you?


Have you ever had your heart set on something that just felt so right no matter how impossible and crazy it looked on the outside, but you wanted it so bad so you kept focusing on it, imagining it being real, thinking about it every day, and then all of a sudden it’s right there. Not only did you get exactly what you wanted, but it turned out to be even better than you could have ever dreamed of!


That’s the Power of Creation.


In my world when something happens, like for instance if I get a headache, I don’t just see it as a headache, I take a step back and ask myself this. Why do I have a headache right now? What is my inner world trying to tell me? What is it that I’m not seeing right now. The first thing that comes to mind is the correct answer. It pops up like thought from nowhere. Trust that, it’s always the answer you are looking for, even if you didn’t know to ask. The headache for me at this point means that I’m thinking too much and that I need to stop that, quiet the ego and feel my way forward instead.


Another example is something I experienced with a client of mine. We had a coaching session planned and also on the same day the second part of the Inner journey. (It’s a 1,5 hour session to remove inner blockings.) Before we started she had a couple of errands to run so I tagged along. As she was driving we noticed that almost every car in front of us was half in her lane and half in their own. She always drives way too fast, always stressing, honking and yelling. She also lives in the past or in the future all the time, she is never really living in the present moment. Always stressing to get to the next fun event, the next trip, next weekend or whatever comes next.


Stress, stress, stress. Always there never here.


We almost got hit by another car at one point. Since I am used to taking a step back looking at the bigger picture I immediately asked her to do the same and to ask herself, why is this happening right now, what is the Universe trying to tell me? The first spontaneous thing she came to think of was that she needs to slow down.


The main thing she wanted help with was that she felt stressed out and overwhelmed by everything. Like things were happening too fast. We got back to her place and got ready to do the inner journey. It normally takes about 2 hours depending on the person, but in that area anyway It took 30 minutes. She answered the questions before I had a chance to even ask them. She was always a couple of steps ahead like someone was chasing her.


The inner journey is an amazing tool helping you release inner blockings that are stopping you from living your Life to the fullest and really feeling good. Things that might have traumatized you, old patterns, suppressed painful memories and events, that kind of stuff. It works every time and I think everybody should do this at least once a month until they feel more balanced and then maybe 2-3 times a year. It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever done for myself, it has help me heal inside from all the craziness I’ve experienced. Best block remover ever to get your Life back in the flow.


Anyways, this is what we were doing. When she woke up to a normal state of consciousness she said she thought I talked too fast and everything was just too fast, she barely felt like she had time to breathe. The state you get into is a state somewhere between deep relaxation and hypnosis, depending on how relaxed you get and how easy you have to relax.


The message throughout the day was SLOW DOWN. Her driving proved that to be true and the inner journey that she speeded through just showed it again. The whole day turned out to be all about her inner state, and we got to experience it on different levels. Her inner world is stressed out and that’s exactly what is reflecting in her outer world. So whenever something happens, take a step back and think, okay, this is happening right now so what do I need to balance out.


Another example is something I experienced myself many years ago.

I’ve been on a mission to find and truly feel the blissful feeling of loving myself. Truly Madly. Deeply. I’ve never really felt that before, so that was my next step. I’ve been working so much with myself trying to find out why I haven’t felt it yet and I’ve been on a hunt trying to find that hidden feeling within me. This started to show in my outer world as a never ending hunt for everything! I was constantly looking for my keys, my phone, my slippers, looking for my freaking couch cushion! In everything I did I was looking for one thing or another it drove me crazy! I realized pretty fast what was going on and that insight made me very happy, I was really looking for love, so again, the thing that was happening on the inside was showing on the outside.


What about the feeling when one relationship after another goes up in flames and it feels like you are dating the same person over and over again even though they are all different individuals but they are all treating you the same, – like crap. What could that possibly be all about if you take a step back?


Could it be that you are treating yourself like crap? Felling no self-worth whatsoever letting people walk all over you, listening to the evil ego voice putting you down in your head all the time. If you don’t Respect and LOVE yourself, no one else will either because then that’s what you are giving out, and that’s what you get back ,and the people coming into your experience will show you that. What’s happening on the inside is reflecting on the outside.. and that’s all that is. A Mirror. 




So the next time you feel like the same thing keeps happening over and over again, it’s probably for a very good reason.

You’re in need of a change.


I believe that everyone you meet is a teacher of some sort showing you something you need to see or learn about yourself. Once the lesson is learned the situation resolves itself. Whenever you are wondering what’s going on in your Life, your inner world that is, always take a step back. When you don’t understand why things are happening ask yourself why. What is it that I’m not seeing clearly. What does the Universe want to get me to pay attention to. The answer will come to you as a feeling from within and there you have it. It’s always something you need to work on within yourself.


The looking at the bigger picture-change changes your whole world view and is such an eye opener on so many levels. It bumps you right up in consciousness, and explains a lot of weird situations you have never really understood the meaning of before.


All of a sudden Life starts to make sense. It’s as easy as that, and all you do is take a step back.


In my world, the goal is the journey within finding out and experiencing who you truly are.

It’s all about the bigger picture, the power to create and self-love.