I’ve been through a lot of major changes in my Life but it wasn’t until I crashed for real that I decided to turn everything I used to call “bad” things around to become the best things ever happening to me. It wasn’t easy and yet it was so easy! The first thing I did was to change my thoughts, and that alone has changed my whole world and everything I’m experiencing and how I’m experiencing it.


I was in a really really bad place 9 years ago feeling like I was seriously about to lose it. Deeply depressed was a happy place compared to where I was. That’s the state I was in when I one day remembered something about a movie, or a documentary someone had told me about a couple of years prior. It was about the law of attraction.I’d been meaning to watch it for I don’t know how long, but I had never gotten around to it, but right in that moment I felt such an urge to see it, so I did. I wasn’t really expecting anything, but as I watched it something inside me clicked. It felt like I was starting to remember something I already knew deep inside.


As I watched the 90 min long movie or documentary or whatever you want to call it, a feeling of hope started to spread inside me. And it must have been pretty strong because it actually got my ass of the couch and into the shower that day!I started to google the Law of Attraction and found another book by the same author about how to actually use it. What happened after that is something I’m so incredible grateful for and it totally turned my Life around from feeling beyond depressed, to waking up with a smile on my face every day feeling great!


It took me two weeks of reading and doing the everyday exercises  to go from feeling like a train wreck to SUPERSTAR!  I’m not trying to sell anything, and I have no financial interest in anyone buying these books. My one and only INTENTION  is to help anyone and everyone crossing my path to feel happy again.


We all have our own unique mission in this Life, and mine is to bring Bliss To All Mankind. The more I can help you feel true happiness within, the happier I feel. It’s an amazing feeling, so amazing the word to describe it is nothing less than pure bliss! That’s what I’m all about and that’s what I’m doing with my Life, helping people find the feeling of bliss within themselves and to feel it in everything they do all the time. The best part is, it’s real and totally possible for anyone who wants it! For anyone who dares to be happy. For everyone who wants to Love Life, Stay Strong during changes and Live their Dreams. For everyone who is ready to experience who they truly are.




This is how it all started, it was my first step to where I am today and it has helped me transform my Life completely, and it hasn’t stopped changing for the better ever since.I truly believe that if you are going to guide someone else who feels lost, you have to find your own way out first, to be able to share the road taken, and I have walked so many different roads on so many different levels and all the things I’m talking about really worked for me. That’s why I know that I can help you wake up to what’s real, if that’s something you feel like you want to do.  Since you are reading this right now, in my world it’s for a reason, and true bliss is just around the corner waiting for you.


So basically this is how the law of attraction works;


Everything in the Universe consists out of energy. Everything has a vibration, including people, thoughts, feelings, experiences and material things. Whatever you focus on you attract into your Life, so if you are really negative and always expects the worst then that my friend is exactly what you will get.


When you on the other hand have become aware that you have the power to attract whatever you want in your Life, it gets a lot easier to stay positive.The trick is to really FEEL how GRATEFUL you are for already having whatever it is that you want. It’s really important to talk and think in positive terms of already having it as well.


However, the more positive you get the happier you feel the less is the need for material things because you are happy just being you, but should you want anything, all you do is ask, and its given, every single time. No exceptions. What you put out must come back, What goes around comes around, Likes attracts Likes, Cause and Effect. We have all experienced this whether we are aware of it or not.


The difference for me now is that I am co-creating my Life only focusing on what I want and it’s totally working.  I’m so incredibly happy just being me all the time and that is such an amazing feeling and something I have never felt before. I have always felt like I’m never enough. Until now. It’s proven to me on a daily basis that it’s real. There are no limits to anything! The only thing limiting you, is you.


So find a Life Coach to show you how to Lose Your Mind, Thank L.O.A. and how to remove your Inner Blockings. Pretty soon you’ll be Flying High finding the Silver Lining in all that is, seeing The Bigger Picture knowing it’s all Meant To Be for your highest good, flipping your Fears, Paying it Forward wanting Bliss For ALL Mankind, and voila, now you are Who You Truly came here to experience. Your own beautiful happy self!


If it feels right, ask L.O.A. And when you do, if you want it to come true, always say