The Silver Lining

To find the silver lining in anything and everything is something I’ve never done before. I never really thought about it I just let things happen. I never wondered how or why, I just dealt with them in total misery, blaming myself thinking something must be wrong with me, or I’ve done something really bad in a past Life, or I’m just the unluckiest girl in the world.


Never once prior to my own awakening did I ever stop to think that maybe this is all happening for a reason, and there might be something good in it for me. Maybe there’s no such thing as bad or good, what if everything just is, and different people have decided what’s good and bad.


But what’s good for me might not be good for you so how can one person decide what’s really good or bad for anyone other then for themselves? No situation applies to all people because we are all unique and so totally different which is such a great thing! We have so many different qualities to share with each other and to experience if we choose to actually see them and have the courage to use them instead of following others taking their predetermined judgment about everything we experience.


What if something so random like my car breaking down on my way home from the job I just lost isn’t a bad thing at all for me, but it actually led me to call the tow truck person, and she/he started talking to me finding out I just lost my job and she/he knows someone who is looking to hire at a much better position with a way better salary and voila, an opportunity presented itself that would never have happened if my car hadn’t broken down.


If you think about it, first of all, how does it benefit you to throw a tantrum when something happens that you predetermine is bad before you even know what’s going on? It doesn’t feel good, you get nothing good out of it either, probably just a sore throat from all the yelling and cursing, and while you’ve been busy doing that you might have missed the opportunity that came from whatever happened.


Think about it. What if everything happens for a reason. If that’s something you don’t feel like you can believe right now, then at least try this, do you feel better feeling good all the time no matter the circumstance or do you feel better feeling bad?


Things happen beyond your control all the time and the only thing you can control is how you react to them, and if you choose to react badly then that’s how it will feel, but if you would try to find the silver lining in everything that happens instead, then all of a sudden you are having a totally different experience.


Try to find a couple of good things coming from the example with the car breaking down. You might get a new job with a better salary, which might lead to a better car that doesn’t break down when you least need it, although in the given example it happened when you MOST needed it!


Imagine feeling at the end of that day that your car breaking down was the best thing that happened that day! That way of positive thinking changes everything and all of a sudden you’re grateful it happened! How many times have you said to someone that what if I hadn’t done this or that then this amazing thing would never have happened!


Think about it. Once you start feeling grateful for things a whole new world will open up for you. The more grateful you FEEL the more you will have to be grateful for, and feeling grateful is a really nice feeling. To always be on a positive note finding the silver lining in all that happens is such a great thing, and something that feels good can never be bad.


By doing this simple thing you have transformed your negative way of seeing, living and thinking to a positive one and all you’ve done is changed how you choose to see and react to things. You have simply changed your perspective. Nothing else has changed, just your own way of experiencing it.


Again, so easy to understand but oh so hard for people to actually do and yet such an easy change.