Quiet Your Ego

All the problems you have today are created in your mind. They are not real.


Whatever you focus on in your Life grows with the power of the mind (the power of creation) so if you focus on the false stories your mind makes up it will not only become your Life, but it will also take away the focus from the truly important things that really matters. To care so much about what other people think is a big concern in the world today. It has become a pandemic.


Facade isn’t real though – Love is.



Wouldn’t it be nice to finally put an end to the never ending chase of happiness in material things thinking that’s real? Always trying to get your hands on the newest thing, the latest stuff or the most expensive whatnot to impress your friends and neighbors? Isn’t it time to end the insincerity on social media? To find a way out of the darkness a lot of people feel inside. To once and for all break free from the ego, false beliefs and the anti-depressants. Haven’t we experienced misery enough? Don’t you want to experience true happiness instead of making it up? What if you put all that effort into making others think you are happy into actually being happy.To search for happiness in material things thinking that’s real is a delusion. You will end up chasing it your whole Life never getting it because true happiness can only be found within.


Aren’t you sick of that voice in your head telling you, you aren’t good enough, smart enough, rich enough, skinny enough, beautiful enough, interesting enough, funny enough never ever enough no matter what you do.  The one that keeps kicking you when you’re down and in most need of a friend? That voice in your head is your ego taking you for a ride whenever the unknown is present. That’s the egos favorite time to play tricks on you.Have you ever felt like you’ve been on an emotional roller coaster ride? Like when you have something on your mind, and you have absolutely no idea how it will turn out but you keep making up one scenario after another anyways, and by the end of the day you are so exhausted you have no energy whatsoever to do anything?


Has that ever happened to you?


A perfect example of this is texting. The never ending drama going on in your head when it comes to those precious little words lighting up your display. The difference between a good night’s sleep and a restless nightmare.The stories our mind make up when we aren’t getting the reply we want in the time frame we’ve set are hilarious! They are bat shit CRAZY! How many times have you (myself included) freaked out when you have sent someone you like a text and when they don’t immediately reply, your head starts working overtime with one story after another as to why.


Your ego is the one making up stories to feed your fears. It’s the nasty whispers in your ear; it never tells you what you want to hear, and yet it’s always there.Your ego is the voice in your head making you doubt yourself feeling no self-worth. It’s totally unbalanced because some days it takes you on a power trip telling you you’re above it all and the next day it kicks you when you fall. It makes you second guess yourself and everything you do. The stories it comes up with are never true.


The Ego is NOT you.   



The ego creates a lot of negativity and loves anything judgmental drama and it creates it out of nothing. Like this for example;

You are having a conversation with your boss, and it’s a nice conversation cause your boss told you -nice work. Have you ever noticed what sometimes happens in your head the second the conversation is over and you walk away? It starts to analyze the situation making you doubt yourself asking questions like-what did THIS PERSON really mean by that? Didn’t this person sound a little sarcastic..?


Maybe it was meant as an insult! Am I that stupid thinking it was a compliment when in reality this person was mocking me? Why was this person mocking me?! Does this person know something I don’t?! Am I getting fired?!?!?!!! Then you go home that day feeling sick to your stomach because now not only are thinking you’re getting fired but you are also panicking about the fact that you have to start looking for a new job, and who’s going to want to hire you when you clearly suck as a human being!


There you have it. The crazy in your head just took you for a ride. Is that crazy voice something you want to give power to so it can control you and everything you do for the rest of your Life?


Don’t let yourself get caught up in the drama, it’s not real. The ego is just a scared little kid making up stories about the unknown, don’t let that be in charge of your Life and how you live it. Don’t let it put you down or get you to do things you really don’t want to do. Find love in all that you do. Forgive yourself for everything that has been and know you did everything the best possible way you knew how and move on. Don’t get caught in the past or worry about the future because they don’t exist; BE NOW.


Don’t let your mind play tricks on you, let your heart lead the way. Know that whenever you do; Everything’s going to be okay and whatever’s happening is for your highest good, even if you can’t understand why at this point.


As I’m writing this my ego is doing everything in its power to slow me down and sidetrack me. Anything to get me to stop because it knows, once I get my head around this, and it all feels really clear, it has lost it’s power over me. I will have successfully lost my mind and that is my egos biggest fear. I will not need anything, and since I won’t need anything I won’t have any fears because I will no longer fear the losing of what I don’t need because I don’t need it anymore so it doesn’t matter.


Anger will also disappear because my fears are gone hence no need to get angry either. (Did I lose you? ) I’ll be happy just being me experiencing different things, no judgments knowing that whatever happens is a help from the Universe to set me straight. I’m breaking  boundaries and false beliefs everyday getting closer to the world of no limits, it’s amazing!


Once you truly feel that there are no limits, -THERE ARE NO LIMITS!!!


To be able to live Life free from the ego is in my world total freedom, because I will have no judgments about anything. Everything I experience just IS and there to help my Soul grow for whatever reason.


That’s Inner Peace to me.


Inner peace creates outer peace. The power of the mind. The law of attraction. As within so without. Whatever you focus on is the world created for you to experience. It’s what becomes your life. It’s all connected.




It’s that easy! If all the people on Earth found their inner peace we would have WORLD PEACE.

WAKE UP TO THAT INSIGHT! A simple change that changes EVERYTHING!

Step out of your ego and see the world as it truly is. A place where only LOVE can be. Step out and open your eyes and see that it’s up to you and I to make that shift and thereby create change.

Be who you truly want to be and don’t be stopped by your old beliefs.

Be what you came here to do –BE YOU.