Meant To Be Good

Do you think things happen for a reason? Do you believe in faith? Do you want to believe in something bigger than this right here? Is something stopping you from living your Life to the fullest? What is that? Do you believe you are destined to meet certain people and achieve certain things? Do you believe in past lives? Do you know what your belief is? Have you ever thought about it? Is there something you would like to know about yourself? Are you looking for answers right now? Have you tried to find the answers? Have you looked in the right place? Do you trust what feels right? Are you willing to listen and follow it?


Are you ready to meet the real you and do what you came here to be and do?


You can find all the answers you need within you. I know this because the journey I’ve been through during the past 9 years proved that to me beyond doubt. I’ve been in the situation where someone else’s Life completely depended on me more than once and my choices and actions. And it wasn’t just anyone, it was my other half and my mom. Not at the same time though thankfully. I was all alone without anyone to ask for help, so whenever I needed guidance I closed my eyes and felt the answer, and it was right. Every single time. That’s how I found my way out. So it works no matter what situation you are in. I did the same thing when I was helping my mom. Everything happens for a reason.


In my world things happen for a reason and they are meant to nudge you in the right direction of whats meant to be. If you choose not to listen the nudge becomes a squeeze, and if you’re still not listening something will happen that will get your attention. The trick is to in these moments understand the meaning of whats happening and take a step back and listen.


I never try to force or control the outcome of things I just follow what feels right knowing that whatever happens is exactly right for me. In my world when things run smoothly it’s because they’re supposed to, and when there is a resistance I stop.  I don’t even question it anymore or get angry like I used to or disappointed, I just stop and let it be, knowing I will soon see the reason why, and things will be alright. Whenever that happens nowadays I’m actually excited to see what the outcome will be since it’s clearly something other than I had planned, and I know it’s always for my highest good. I might not understand why right now, and that’s okay. I don’t need to know everything all at once, the important thing for me is to always go with my right feeling no matter what.


Since I know that things play out exactly as they should when they should, I don’t waste my energy worrying anymore. It works so well in every single situation I encounter and it has shifted how I feel inside to a lot more joy, happiness and calmness. I laugh more and I smile when things go in another direction then what I originally thought.


Before it could totally ruin my day, now it just makes it more exiting. I feel an inner peace that is so amazing and things are running smoothly even when there’re not. I’ve realized that it feels amazing to instead of cursing like a maniac because I forgot something at the store, smile to myself running back there in anticipation wondering the reason why I was supposed to go back there. Is there someone I’m supposed to meet, something I need to see, or whatever other reason there might be. It makes Life more exciting!


Doesn’t matter what it is, it’s always something good. It’s changed my way of seeing things completely. All for the better. I find a meaning in everything I do and I’m actually enjoying not forcing the outcome. For the first time I’m present while experiencing what I’m doing. I’m living it while I’m living it. My mind is not elsewhere I’m right in the moment because I don’t want to miss a thing. There are signs everywhere telling me where to go next and If I’m not mentally there I’m gonna miss them and get lost again.


Don’t want that.


This way of living is so amazing because everything becomes so easy and pleasant. Everything formerly known as difficult is just a stop sign telling me to take a step back. I’ve come to realize that the negativity and disbelief in this world is unbelievable. This needs to change now!


People are so caught up in their own drama thinking it’s real, they totally forgot what’s really real, and lost themselves in the process. We are all beautiful beings here to experience ourselves living in love, why is that so incredibly hard to believe? It’s a magical journey finding out who you truly are, breaking all the false beliefs you once thought was all there was. You will find new levels to everything feeling better and better seeing things in whole new perspective embracing the change and loving every second of it every single day. You will have the best time creating your best Life! Stop resisting and start living! Let love happen everyday. Know it’s all gonna be okay and that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. There’s no need to worry!


Let go of the fear you hold so dear. Release it.


I have the perfect example right here in this very moment of something that might appear random, showing that everything is meant to be. I bought a new phone with a new supplier on the 8th of January. It wasn’t the same make I normally go for and I had originally decided exactly what phone I was gonna get, but I thought I’d try something different, mainly because a sales rep called me in the right moment so I went with it. Once I bought it I felt like I had to tell myself over and over again that this phone will be great. That’s warning sign number one for me. The second I start to convince myself that it’s right, is when I know it’s not. However the weeks went by and nothing happened, no phone arrived no nothing. On the 19th of Jan the sim card arrived, still no phone.


Another week went by and I decided to call them. They said there must have been some sort of mistake and they were gonna sort it out and send me the phone. For the inconvenience they gave me a free month. Okay great. Another week went by without as much as an email, phone call or new phone. I decided to call them again. I was put on hold for about 10 minutes and then I was cut off. The old me would have gone bananas calling them back demanding to talk to a manager just making myself and everyone around me feel bad. This time I resigned to not call back thinking it must be for a reason.


More time passed by and nothing happened so I called them again. This time they put me through to 4 different people making me hold for about 20 min with each person and when I finally got through to someone they made me feel like it was my fault they had lost my phone and that all I was supposed to do was wait patiently forever while they did nothing. I kept my calm the entire time but I also felt like they were walking all over me, so I asked nicely to speak to a manager. I was put on hold 2 more times for about 40 minutes, clearly to get me to hang up. I never reached the manager. Instead they told me I could cancel the whole thing if I wanted to so I said yes. Once I got through to the cancellation person she told me that it would cost me money to cancel. Clearly a case of practice what you preach situation for me! In the end they cancelled it.


An hour later I bought the phone I wanted to begin with and was always meant to have. Even though I tried to choose a different model thinking it would be equally good or better it was never meant to be, and the one I was supposed to have was the best one hands down and perfect for me.


So even when you try to take matters in to your own hands thinking you are doing the right thing, when the tugging feeling deep inside you is telling you something else – Listen. It’s not possible to force something that’s not meant to be. Your higher good always wins in the end.  Stop resisting and just let things happen. Their slogan at the moment is “Change” which hit home now on so many levels when I think about it. First of all it’s a clear sign for me to change suppliers. You’d think I’d get that! On another level it’s the change I’m talking about right here, meaning the whole incident happened for me to actually experience first hand using the change I’m talking about and then sharing it with you guys. Amazing! This was just an everyday easy peasy example, but it’s the same no matter what level of experience you’re on.


I truly believe that What’s Meant To Be Will Find A Way When You Follow Your Heart.


You can’t sit on your ass all day long though, you have to actively follow your right feeling and take action when you feel like you should. The opportunity to experience what’s meant to be will present itself one way or another regardless, but it’s up to you to choose to follow your right feeling or not. That’s free will. Whatever path you chose will be exactly as it’s meant to be.


If you follow your right feeling it will lead you to bliss, and if you don’t things will eventually get rocky, and you might start feeling sad and lost. You can choose to change direction every second of every day and make a change. That path is always there for you to choose should you want to. All you need to do is to follow your heart, and love will get you there.


If some people are meant to be together or if something is meant to happen, they will and it will.People can fight it and do all sorts of crazy things trying to prevent it from happening going to crazy measures, but in the end Destiny is Destiny and forever will be and nothing can ever change that.


Choose to have fun and stop feeling bad about things and start to listen to yourself and get to know who you TRULY are. It’s an amazing journey and the reason why we are here. Let things go and detach from the outcome and you will see that not only will your Life become so much easier, but you will start feeling so free. The feeling of freedom is so powerful, and for me, it’s one of the best ones!


This is such a beautiful change, and to have this approach to everything

in Life makes living fun again, JUST like it’s Meant To Be.