Lose Your Mind

I have found this amazing way of transforming my Life from feeling lost, unhappy, meaningless, living in total misery, to finding my true Life’s purpose and my path to complete and utter bliss. It just keeps getting better and better every second of every day, and my wildest dreams are now coming true one by one right in front of my eyes. I’m actually starting to live my dreams, and all I’ve done is change some very simple things within me.


One of the changes I made is something so easy anyone can do it no matter where you are today. This way of living is not new, it’s always been there, most of us just forgot. Something woke me up to this again 4 years ago and nothing in my Life will ever be the same and I thank all the amazing forces of the Universe for this awakening to what’s real every single day. I have started one choice at a time to not use logic when I make my decisions but to follow my heart, and what feels right. If it feels right then it’s a yes and if it feels wrong it’s a no. It’s as simple as that.


It’s an amazing built in navigational system we all have but a lot of people have forgotten to use it. Whenever you follow your hearts desires and go with what feels right you can never go wrong. Everything coming from the heart is always for your highest good and that can never ever be bad. If we all do what feels right every time we do something we would not be able to kill, rape steel, let people starve to death, do drugs or hurt another living being because it wouldn’t feel right.


If the whole world made this one simple change all the bad things would end – Just Like That.



 It’s the easiest truth we have to understand and yet so many choose not to with Money over Life as a reason.


Something that easy can’t be true, right?! It is. Whenever something is easy it’s meant to be. When things all just fall into place it’s for a reason. Whenever you feel like you are struggling, don’t. Stop what you are doing and take a moment and just feel what it feels like. If it doesn’t feel good then it’s not the right way to go, so listen to yourself and choose another way.


What have you got to lose?


Dare to make the conscious choice to actually listen to your self and actively choose to do what feels right. That choice alone is something you will never regret.


Have you ever done something totally out of character that just felt so right and turned out to open so many new amazing doors for you? Something that still to this day makes you smile giving your self a hug for actually listening to yourself for once walking your own way instead of following others? That amazing bubbly fuzzy feeling of true self pride, that moment when you actually believed in yourself.


That’s the feeling I’m talking about. Imagine feeling like that in everything you do all day long. Once I started to live like this my Life has changed from a really sad, depressing, hating on myself movie to a fun loving success story instead.


I make every single decision in my Life solely based on my feelings. If it makes me feel good inside when I think about it, then it truly is good and the right way for me to go no matter what my mind says, and if it feels wrong, I just don’t.

Works every time.