Inner Blockings

Inner blockings – the root to so much unnecessary pain. Once you lose them you will never feel the same. An inner blocking is like a little thorn stuck inside you controlling how you act and react to things, and the way you see yourself.





It comes from traumas and events in your Life starting when you’re born. You are being steered by them living your life right now.  If you for example were picked last in phys-ed when you were 8 and that made you feel really bad, that will leave the mark of not being good enough. That might be enough for you to start believing thats true which in turn leads you to create a never ending world of you never ever being good enough. Or if you ever experienced a feeling of abandonment as a child, that will also leave a mark. If you still have that mark in you adult life you will react like that scared little kid in every situation you encounter when those old feelings surface again, even if the situation now is totally different. On top of that you will probably blame yourself after for reacting that way .When in fact, it was never your fault.You were just a kid when you got it and you haven’t even been aware that you have it.


Those old Feelings still Control you and Not in a Good Way. 

This is why you Overreact to things.

Inner blockings. 


Whatever situations, events, happenings, traumas or dramas you have experienced so far in Life has left a mark in you, so in order to be you, choose to remove the untrue. This is why you overreact to things. Inner blockings. You need to heal your inner children. Due to our cellular memory we tend to react out of habit to a lot of things in Life. The cellular memory stores all the suppressed feelings we haven’t dealt with, like negative emotions, events and situations. That shows in how you deal with conflicts and relationships etc. If you can reach behind that illusion and remove those blocks you will see the truth, and the truth will set you free. Once you remove a blocking like that it never comes back and it will never control you again.


What about conditioning. We are all conditioned whether we are aware of it or not. The people you grew up around are all a part of that. Whatever beliefs they grew up with they are transferring on to you along with all their fears. You are living your Life limited by other peoples false beliefs, just like they have been, generation after generation.




Open yourself up as much as you possibly can to the notion that there are no limits. Fears aren’t real and greatness lies within you just waiting to be recognized. Some of these blockings and conditionings sit so deep within you they effect everything that you are, tricking you into thinking they’re you, when in fact they might be the opposite of who you truly are, depending on what the conditioning is obviously.


The obvious blockings you have are the big things in your Life that you are aware of, like a bad break up, divorce, the loss of a loved one or sickness for example. Whatever makes you go through the really heavy emotions. Those are the easy part because you know you have them and that you have to work through them to heal.It’s the ones you have no idea that you have that’s the tricky part. Since you aren’t aware of them you have no idea that you need to work on them to be able to release them and not have them control your everyday Life and how you react to things. Inner blockings prevent and keep you from being who you truly are. They limit you.


Those little things control your self-worth, change the way you feel about yourself and the way you live your Life. In the end removing or keeping them is the difference between living and experiencing who you truly are in happiness and joy to your fullest potential, to misery and sorrow feeling like nothing really matters or at least like there is always something deep inside you keeping you from feeling true joy and love within.To work through and remove your inner blockings is to give yourself love, and that is essential for a happy meaningful Life living in bliss. In my world if you are reading this it’s for a reason. Know that you are right where you are supposed to be, on the fast track to experience bliss in all that is, if you chose to listen to what feels right. You will fly high loving Life helping others around you. You will find your passion in Life and your highest path, The love and joy you will experience inside will make you feel so alive!





By removing blocks within yourself, you’re not only giving love to yourself,  but you might also have a positive effect on someone else. It’s a win-win change, so how can you lose?