Flip Your Fears

So what is a fear? Everybody has them one way or another.


I’m not talking about the fear when there’s a physical threat. I’m talking about the ones keeping you from living your Life to the fullest every day. The ones in your head.


A fear is a feeling created by the mind (so not a real feeling) that tells you something about something you really have no idea about. A fear is a false feeling created by the mind about the unknown. When you come to the knowing that whatever’s happening in any given situation you encounter is for your highest good even though you might not see how or why yet, you are well on your way to flipping any future fears that might come into your head in a heartbeat.


Use that as your first thought always; It’s for my highest good.


How many times have you freaked out about something in advance and then after you did whatever it was, you realized that it wasn’t that bad, and the freaking out was totally unnecessary and actually lead to something great? A fear is not real, it’s just an illusion. The more you think about it the bigger it gets, and at times it takes over your whole world. The second you give it a value it thrives and grows and gets massive proportions. Fear feeds on fear and gives birth to anger and hate.


I know once it get’s its nasty hold on you it’s really hard to shake, but you can. It’s possible. Flip it.


I was scared of absolutely everything when things started to change so dramatically in my Life when my dad died. The panic attacks and anxiety felt like they were going to tear me apart. I was literarily on the floor with my whole body cramping, feeling like an elephant was on my chest not being able to stand up or move my arms or legs. It paralyzed me. So I know how intense fear can get, but I also know once you learn how to deal with it, the whole experience of fear changes.


An amazing way of killing a fear is to take the fear as far as you can in terms of asking yourself; What is the worst possible thing that can happen with whatever’s freaking me out right now? When you know that the outcome is happening for your highest good regardless of what it looks like to begin with, you can find calm in that thought.  It’s meant to steer you in the right direction of your highest path and to help your Soul grow.


In regards to evil acts like rape and murder for example, that’s NOT supposed to be in Life.  Those people have been highjacked by severely damaged souls.  Highjackers are some of the many, many, MANY reasons why Bliss is here now.Hurt people hurt people and this world needs to heal as a whole. And again, the fear of violence of any kind is not what I’m talking about here. The fears I’m referring to is your everyday fears of the unknown keeping you from feeling good no matter what comes your way during a regular Life.


To worry about a future that hasn’t happened yet is such a tremendous waste of energy. The past doesn’t exist anymore either so let that one go too.  Don’t waste your energy feeling bad about something that was, cause it is no more. Make sure to heal your past though, that’s important to maintain a great Life flow.The future hasn’t happened yet either and if you are not in a place of consciously co creating it yourself, then you have no idea what’s gonna happen, so worrying about a “bad” outcome when you really have no idea, doesn’t make sense does it? It just makes you feel bad and where’s the good in that?


Flip your Fears by knowing that the outcome is for your highest good.


To choose to stay calm all the time knowing that whatever happens, happen for a reason and exactly as it should be, while following what feels right, the perfect doors will open up for you. Whenever a fear sneaks up on you try to say or think this to yourself;


Whatever happens is for my HIGHEST GOOD.


Whenever I face a fear I realize that it’s never as bad as I paint it out to be. The outcome regardless of the given answer to my request for example is always for my highest good. It doesn’t matter if it’s a yes or a no, because whatever the answer is, will be for my highest good.


Quiet your ego and the drama will stop. Whenever you hear that voice in your head telling you this or that, whenever there is a judgment in what’s said, choose to actively ignore it cause it’s not real. Fears don’t exist to begin with so once you call them out, they have no choice but to disappear because they were never really there. Remember that every time they appear.



A common fear of the unknown is Death. But what if death is just a doorway to a new experience. Like a passage.


Then it’s been prejudged as something bad solely due to the egos fear of the unknown and because the persons physical body no longer exists. Someone at some point has been afraid of the unknown in the Death Experience and made the judgment that it’s bad, and a lot of people have followed.  This person just ended their journey here and is on to the next, and in my world we will see them again when our own journey comes to an end.


That misconception created the experience of mourning. I know it’s really, really painful. especially when death occurs from accidents or sickness in young people. The experience of missing someone that isn’t physically here anymore more can be paralyszing and take over your whole world, and for a lot of people that pain and darkness never ends. It doesn’t have to be that way.


I know it hurts like hell. I know that. But don’t get stuck there. Know that it’s only the end of their journey. You can’t do anything about it, you can’t change what happened, and you are still here living your Life, so use this perspective if nothing else as a way out.This way of thinking is what got me, my mom and my sister through the knowledge that she was dying right in front of our eyes. It helped us feel calm inside. So many people have had near death experiences and said that it was the best feeling they ever had. Myself included. Why is it so hard to believe that we are actually meant to be happy and feel good rather than the other way around? Why do the bad feelings so often win over the good ones?


Why is that?


Why do you often think the worst when you can think the best? What happened to make you automatically think bad instead of good as your first thought? Could it possibly be that you are listening to the wrong voice and you need to quiet that and choose another more reliable way to navigate through Life?


Like maybe what FEELS right.


What in your way of living would change if you knew right now that the voice in your head is not real, it’s just a scared little kid with a vivid imagination making up stories of the unknown with no truth to it whatsoever.


If you knew that, would you still listen?


Try to not take other people’s predetermined judgment on things, find your own truth in everything instead and see how it feels for you. No experience feels the same for everyone, they are all different because we are all unique. Not good or bad different, just different. Like day and night. None is better than the other, they just are. No judgment.


So if you get the insight that the biggest fear you have is again just a fear of the unknown and once you get there it will be a case of- “I don’t know what I was so scared of” then do you really have anything else to ever fear? If you realize that you biggest fear was never there, why not decide to start living instead of waiting to die. Enjoy the experience you are in right now, every moment of it! And if you don’t like it, attract change!  Find the beauty in everything around you, then everything around you becomes beautiful, and remember the beauty in you, it’s the only thing true.


To change your thinking regarding fears to that kind of thinking is such a powerful change because it changes everything. Don’t let fear take over your Life because that will make you stop living, and that’s not why you are here. You came here to live Life so live it! The way we’ve been doing things up until now has served its purpose. Why not start living the other way around. Earth is all about duality, big or small, hot and cold etc. one thing means nothing without the other. So why not choose happiness from here on out now that misery has been all lived out. Couldn’t that be a new way of Life? I mean, everyone deserves a happy ending, right!


Joy wouldn’t mean anything without sorrow so now that you have tried one to experience, why not try the other one. It’s the total opposite of everything you know right now. Transmute all your worries and fears into courage, and fill your heart with faith, cause that feels great! Be in your flow wherever you go and never trust a fear know that it’s never really there.