Change Perspective

In my world this is the deal with Life. I believe we are all beings made out of energy in perfect balance in need of nothing but with the choice to experience everything, coming from the same pure LOVE having a Human Experience right now here on Earth.





LIFE is just one of the many experiences there are, but it feels VERY REAL. Imagine an amusement park with different rides to choose from. Each one with different features . LIFE is the roller coaster ride in that park. One of the features in the Life Experience is to forget who you are and where you come from when you are born.






Many people get so lost they don’t know what’s in or out and continue that throughout LIFE, but the ones that has chosen to wake up one day, will slowly remember the truth again. We choose our own paths before we are born, and  we choose what kind of things we want to experience and what roads to take for different reasons each time. So if you have a challenging relationship with someone, instead of hating on them, try this perspective instead. Try to feel GRATEFUL that this person, coming from the same pure Love as you, knowing they wouldn’t remember, offered to be a jerk to you when you needed it  JUST so you would understand what was going on inside you in that moment in Life to help you balance yourself out. It might be an opportunity to practice staying calm for example or to set boundaries. It might be a road sign telling you to choose a different path.  Or maybe you’ve been acting like a jerk lately.




When things are happening around you, it’s something created by you in your personal energy, so instead of pointing your finger to others turn it around and think about whats happening inside you and feel grateful for the opportunity to GROW.


It doesn’t matter what you believe to be true about this, it works either way.


If you choose to see Life and all the people you meet through this perspective, and give Love to everyone and everything around you, Everything Will Change For You.The Universe is just a big mirror giving back to you what you give out, so if you give out Unconditional Love to all, then that’s exactly what you will get back in whatever way you need it RIGHT NOW.Also try the perspective that everybody on Earth are on different journeys, so even if you don’t understand the path they have chosen, it’s for a good reason so just give Love to that. No journey is better than the other they just are, BUT some of the journeys are way harder and more painful than others in human measures, so show compassion if you encounter that. In regards to violent acts like rape and murder for example, those thing are not supposed to be in LIFE which ARE SOME of the many many MANY reasons BLISS is here now.Those people have been highjacked by SEVERELY damaged Souls. 







But You can Love Life Stand Strong through any change and Live Your Dreams no matter where you are today or what you have been through.But I couldn’t have shown you how to do it without experiencing it for myself first.That’s why I chose a very difficult painful journey up to a certain point, and then I turned every single one of those experiences around.I don’t think the journeys started out the way as mine turned out, they were simply meant to be different joyous experiences, but too many Forgot and got so incredibly lost, living solely through their egos, forgetting to follow their right feeling, conditioned with other peoples fears and false beliefs, so the Unbalance is CRAZY right now.


This World needs help Awakening, Remembering the Truth and what’s Real again so we can




We are killing ourselves by poisoning Earth and the food we eat and we are killing each other in meaningless EGO wars . I respect all the different JOURNEYS chosen by everybody, BUT PEOPLE-We have come to a point where the focus is so unbalanced and LOVE is so forgotten that EVERYONE NEEDS TO WAKE UP NOW! We wanna get back to happily experiencing LIFE as Who We Truly Are.


I believe everyone knows what they need to do to be happy, but I also believe a lot of people suppress that into denial due to fears and conditionings from themselves and others.You are the only one that truly knows your journey and whats right for you, so even if the things you do doesn’t make sense to others, follow you heart instead of following others.I believe if you ignore your right feeling and all the signs drowning you every day on where to go and what to do, you will get more and more depressed until you hit a wall. And at that point you have no other choice but to listen and make a change. If you keep suppressing it things will stay the same and you will probably stop living feeling dead and empty inside.


You can Love Life and Stay Strong through any change and Live Your Dreams no matter what you have been through or where you are at today.We did that, my other half and I. We went to hell and back several times and at times we got of track but we always returned to Bliss.  It’s the only thing real. Bliss Conquers All. Cliche or not it’s true and thats what we are here to tell you, but we couldn’t have done it without experiencing it ourselves first.


So this is what I remember;

I predetermined my Life journey before I was born, but since one of the features in the Life experience is forgetting who I am and where I come from I had no recollection of this when I was born.I planted seeds within me that’s been coming during Life as thoughts, feelings, impulses and ideas.I set up what people to meet and different places to be at certain times, and since I chose to listen and follow my own inner guidance, my right-feeling, my heart, it took me to my Blissful path in Life experiencing what I came here to BE.




I believe that some people have chosen to wake up at some point in Life to remember what’s  real and to experience the Life Experience remembering all of this, wide awake in the dream sort of speak and there are those who don’t. I call them SLEEPERS. I believe that most people who chose a difficult journey has chosen to wake up at some point to be able to make it all the way through then flip it around to help other people.Experiencing Life through this perspective has changed everything for me, and it really helped my mom. This way of thinking made it possible for my family especially my mom to get through her cancer experience. It kept us calm. You came here to live Life so live it instead of just waiting to die trapping yourself in your own imaginary prison. Break free from your false beliefs, conditionings and remove your inner blockings. Don’t let fears hold you back. Feel the truth inside you and follow your heart. I don’t care how cliche that sounds it’s the only way to go if you want to experience bliss.Ask yourself these two questions and write down the first thing that comes to mind one at a time.


How many times have you experienced LIFE?


What are you here to EXPERIENCE this time?


Whatever number comes up is the number of times you have experienced Life prior to this time,  and whatever other things came up is what you came here to experience.  If your Life doesn’t match the second answer maybe you are due for a change. The first step to take is to ask your heart what your next step toward bliss is and then have the courage to listen.