Free Will

In my world things happen for a reason and are meant to nudge you in the right direction of what´s meant to be. If you choose not to listen the nudge becomes a squeeze, and if you’re still not listening something will happen that will abruptly  get your attention.


The trick is to in these moments understand the meaning of what’s happening and take a step back and listen. Preferably before the crash. 


Choose to follow your right feeling from the start.


I truly believe that what’s meant to be will find a way, just follow your heart. Know that if you’re in doubt, and for the lazy ones- that doesn’t mean you can sit on your ass all day long doing nothing, you have to actively follow your right feeling and take action when you feel like you should.


The opportunity to experience what’s meant to be will present itself one way or another regardless, but it’s up to you to choose to follow your right feeling or not. 


That’s Free Will. 



Whatever path you choose the road taken will be exactly as it’s meant to be. If you follow your right feeling it will lead you to your own personal bliss, and if you don’t things will eventually start to get rocky and you might start feeling sad and lost.


You can choose to change direction every second of every day and make a change.  The choice to change is always yours. That’s the perfect in right now.


I believe what’s meant to be will find new ways to get to you all the time to help you choose what you came here to do, and eventually I believe the Universe kind of forces your hand a little to get you to listen. That’s when you experience whatever it was that abruptly got your attention. Your path will always be there for you one way or another, just follow your heart.


Don’t Lose Faith.. Love will get you there. Destiny is Destiny and Forever will be and Nothing can ever Change that.


 Follow Your