Fear creates doubt that drowns out the right feeling sometimes. Fears are just illusions, they are not real and the doubt born from them is the egos stories about the unknown.  If you are in doubt try to get passed it and find your inner most feeling instead and trust that one. If that doesn’t work because the strength of the doubt is totally numbing what feels right, choose to trust the process instead. 


The only thing between me and feeling great at times was doubt. Once I removed that my reality changed. I trust my knowing that doubt is a human experience created by fear. It’s not real, just something many encounter, especially those of us choosing to go for our dreams.


Doubt gets in the way for far too many, hindering them from doing what they came here to do. It takes a big toll on your energy, motivation and strength to fight it. The fear might paralyze you at times. If that happens, you have to keep taking small steps towards your dream every day to push forward. Every step you take will lead you closer to your goal and before you know it you are a believer again. Stay strong. It’s a process and you are growing and getting stronger every step of that road. You will still know what to do every day, even if you can’t feel it, so let that inner knowing carry you through. You are well on your way when doubt sets in, so you will know what to do no matter how blocked you are within.


Don’t lose faith when things you thought would happen a certain way doesn’t. Choose to let go and try another way. The journey towards your dream can easily start feeling like a maze. The road that felt so right might come to a dead halt, but that doesn’t have to mean it was wrong, it might just not be right now.


As long as you can’t see your goal let your heart lead the way. Listen and follow the signs and the messages sent to you, even if you don’t understand how or why at this point. I believe it’s very common for people to want things to happen faster than the process. It was the case for me anyway, but if there’s no process it would take away the whole purpose of the journey experiencing living your dream. If you get what you want with the snap of your fingers the feeling of getting it wouldn’t be the same.


I’m always filled with a special feeling when I’m in my flow on my right path, and people and things fall into place in a magical way. There are no doubts in that feeling and while in that, nothing can stop me or hold me back. It’s the feeling of BLISS. 


Doubt takes away so much power and is the egos way of trying to make you stumble. It’s an emotional roller coaster ride and the direction can change in a heartbeat several times per day. Doubt is not only your egos stories about the unknown but also old blockings and conditionings you might have.


The only reoccurring fear I had about following my dream in periods when I was off balance was money. I was so conditioned that “money doesn’t grow on trees” and that they were really hard to get, so my relation to money wasn’t the best. I tried so hard trying to turn that around to be able to attract it, and I succeeded in a big way, but then I went back to the opposite again. My guess is that I was supposed to experience that feeling because so many people do when fighting for their dreams. I mean it’s easy to go for it when you are surrounded by family and friends cheering you on ready to catch you if you fall, it’s a whole other thing without all of that. My situation was the latter. 


Other peoples fears, false beliefs and conditionings are often put on us as kids where we get told that “you can’t make money doing that” or “get a safe secure job” and so on. Don’t let other peoples fears, limitations and false beliefs stand in the way of what you want to experience, then you’ll never get the Life that you want. Don’t listen to other peoples ideas that you are thinking too big, because that only shows their own limited way of thinking and that’s got nothing to do with you. We all have our own journey to make so have the courage to follow what feels right for you.


To have the privilege to grow up around people who tells you to “never doubt yourself” and “always trust your right feeling” and “know there are no limits to anything” changes your whole world. To just have one person believing in you can be the difference of dreaming your dreams and turning them into your reality. The fear of not making it financially can blind anyone with fear making you choose a different path than what you hearts tells you making yourself miserable. Don’t pass that fear on to others if you have it. Choose to remove it instead, because it’s not real.


I could wake up in super panic mode somedays from the money fear, and that feeling was paralyzing. I didn’t have anyone to rely on or that I could ask for help or fall back on, I only had myself. On those days I did everything in my power to regain my strength and balance again by either running, meditating, blissing or talking to someone that understood my journey. My whole stomach felt like a big knot sometimes when the uncertainty of my future and situation took over, but I kept coming back to the same thing. Bliss is my path and I’m not going to give up now that now that I’ve made it this far. Doubt feels like something I need to get through on the road to living my dreams.


The signs showing me the way, came in many different shapes, but they always helped me stay calm.  I eventually reached the point where I forced myself to let go of the struggle within, and the resistance that things were the way they were in that moment and allowed my right feeling, inner knowing, the process and the signs carry me all the way. I choose to hang on to the thought of Bliss every day trusting this. I know who I am, and no matter what I encounter on my path I know I will always find my perfect way through it. One thing that helped me a lot was to every morning write down my blessings in different ways to attract even more of them, and to ask my heart what was going on. That’s my key to my well being. That and running. Bliss got me back up from the deepest darkest bottomless wholes every time.


Doubts aren’t real it’s just fears making your head spin. The not knowing. Don’t let that lower your vibration and mess with your experience. You have nothing to gain from that. The basics in removing your doubts is to close your eyes and ask your heart what’s going on, or what your next step is, or what the outcome will be, and feel the answer. It is always right so choose to trust that and the process and let it play out. It got to the point for me that the more I tried to hold on to my money the more I lost, so I forced myself to let go of trying to control it and just went with my feeling no matter what.


So how can you feel trust for the process?


Look at your past. Have you been right or wrong when you have listened to yourself? Did whatever you felt happen? Are you moving forward? Are you following your right feeling? Have you always done that? When you do and get in your flow, does things, people and situations appear in perfect time exactly when you needed it? Were you filled with a high pure strong energy within at that point? Did you feel doubt within that? Does the feeling of bliss get you beyond doubt? Trust your inner most feeling. That’s your answer. It’s been proven to me time after time after time after time.