Addicted By Adam


Hey I’m Dope,

I will tear up your home and destroy your family. I will take away your kids. I will ruin your looks, take away your pride, your strength, your job and all your money.

I will bring chaos to your world, and that’s just the beginning.

I cost way more than insane amounts of money. The pain and suffering surrounding me is brutal. I’m everywhere around you and my power is sick. Try me once and I might let you slide, but do it again and you’re mine.

I will turn you into a criminal and make you believe it’s worth it just so I can get a chance to destroy you. I will make you steel from anyone and lie to everyone. You will break promises and extinguish trust.

You will do anything I ask just so you can stay in my dark, cold, twisted world. Nothing else will matter.

You will lie to your parents, steel from your relatives and crush your partner and kids, and when you see their tears you should feel sorrow, pain and shame, but you don’t. I will make you numb.

I will make you forget your beliefs and I will scare away your friends. I will transform you into being a manipulating, calculating and cold shadow of your former self turning self love into self loath.

I will poison your body, mind and soul until you can’t take it anymore, and I won’t let you go no matter how much you beg. Instead I will make you want me more. That’s how sick I am.

The last thing I will take is your will to live, so by the time I’m done with you, you will probably R.I.P

The rush is a gift from me to you, and once you’re hooked you will be my slave trapped in my prison. And once you are there prepare to stay cause almost no one gets away.

When I call the shots and I usually do we will never be apart. You will think that I’m helping you keeping you numb but what I’m really doing is hurting you more.

You will regret ever meeting me, most people do, but by then it’s too late for you. Keep in mind though that you came to me. I didn’t come to you.

You could have said No Thanks and walked away, but you didn’t. You knew exactly what was gonna happen, you’ve been warned your whole Life, but you still chose me.

I will gladly take your hand and lead you down the road to self-destruction.

I will turn your once happy family so deeply codependent they will go down with you. I will make sure they live in mind numbing fear by the simple thought of me and you.

I will make them sick from worry when you go awol for days or weeks at a time, and I will make sure they experience the heartbreaking feeling of despair every time I win the battle with your mind.

I will drag you and your family through more pain than you can bare and together we will experience hate and despair. The best trick in my book is that I’ve made so many believe it’s safe to try me once, and that’s true…right..?

Will be launched when ready.