The Story About Me

The reason why I’m choosing to put my Life story here is simply because I want to let you know that it’s possible to turn it around no matter what you have been through or where you are today.


It’s never too late to change.


I grew up in a house with a pool in a suburb just outside of Stockholm, with my mom, dad and sister.I have an amazing family I know that now. Didn’t appreciate them so much when I was younger though, I was too busy being the daughter from hell.My poor family, the things I put them through.


I was a devil child testing the limits on anything and everything. Anything forbidden was music to my ears. I partied hard doing every single drug I could possibly get my hands on bouncing around like a duracell bunny on every Rave I could find until the day I got pregnant. I was 20 years old. My amazing daughter saved my Life no doubt I was heading in a bad direction.


Her dad is one of my first really Life Changing Experiences.


He was a drug addict living at a home for troubled teens. That might scare some girls off but to me that just made me want him more. I love trouble that’s just who I am, or was back then anyways.I got pregnant after only seeing him for 6 months and after that all hell broke loose. He was lost in a sea of drugs and that got the best of him and he soon started to abuse me.I really thought he was gonna kill me at times when he went totally bananas. I didn’t wanna tell anyone, not because I thought it was my fault and I deserved it, NO WAY, but because I wanted to prove everyone wrong when they said I couldn’t raise a baby at 20.


I tried everything in my power to help him clean up his act, but he only got worse. He stole all my money and kept abusing me, and when my daughter was born, my beautiful angel child, I had enough. No more, so I kicked him out.He kept harassing me for about a year and the last time I saw him was when he tried to kill me while my daughter was sleeping in the next room only 10 months old. That was it.


Somehow I got him off me and called the police but he was long gone by the time they got there. I pressed charges for everything he had ever done to me and that felt really good. It took me years to recover from that, but I made it out alive and I’m so grateful for that! I got my amazing beautiful daughter out of it so no regrets.


4 years went by of just working, supporting my little family trying to patch myself up as much as I could.


Then one day lightning struck and shook me to the very core of my being, -My dad died. He was only 50 years old when it happened. He had a heart attack and past away within 4 minutes of getting to the hospital. My world completely shattered when my mom called me and told me what happened. Seconds later a priest knocked on my door wanting to take me to my mom’s house. It felt surreal. Like a bad movie. I was in total shock.


My dad was an amazing man, and my biggest regret is that I never told him I love him. He was my safe harbor, he did everything for me, but I was too young, blind and too caught up in my own drama to see that. He knows it now though. I can feel him in my heart every single day, and I know he is proud of me. He gives me strength. My parents had been married for 30 years the year he passed away. I know this is long overdue but it doesn’t make it less true; Dad – I love you.


Another year went by and I got more and more depressed. I missed him so much and I had lost the will to live, but for my daughters sake I had to go on, so yet again this little girl saved my Life and brought me back to the land of the living.


I was given antidepressants by my doctor, and like a lot of doctors I feel, all they wanna do is kill the symptoms instead of finding the root to the problem, but that’s a whole other story. I took those for about 6 years. I was not me during those years I was a robot just doing things not hearing or feeling myself, I was so lost. The more pills I took the more lost I felt.


3 years after my dad past away I decided that I had to get away from the bad feeling within me, so I did what a lot of people do, I tried to run away from myself. It didn’t work though I’m really fast! Me and my daughter moved to Italy, Venice for about a year to seek our roots.


My dad is from there so I thought maybe going there would heal me inside. I worked at a bar as a bartender for the entire year we lived there but in the end I was just as miserable there, so we decided to come home again.


A couple of years went by and I decided to try the “normal” way of living, not listening at all to what I felt inside. I got married and had a baby boy, but that something that never felt right became so loud I had no choice but to listen, so we got a divorce. We where so not meant to be. That type of Life is not for me. My son was the soul purpose of that union and I’m forever grateful for him.


Another couple of years went by I’m now living with my 2 amazing kids working full time still lost trying to find my way, or at least some sort of meaning or purpose to my life. I’ve always felt like I’m here to do something important, something that makes a difference, something meaningful. That feeling has lived inside me all my Life.


7 years ago I met the other half of my soul. We had known each other for 20 years already but this time we connected like never before. I’ve been looking for something my whole Life never knowing what it was. Now I do, I found home in you, and a love so true, nothing else will ever do. I’ll wait until all my dreams come true cause that’s what I always said I would do.



We were both so lost though, yet totally unaware of it, and we started to mirror that between us faster and faster. He put his foot on the brake before we hit the wall, and I’m so grateful for that we would have never survived the crash hadn’t he done what he did.


I have total faith in him and I know that he knows what he’s doing.


I know that one day he will see what I see when I look at him, and feel the same unconditional love I feel for him for himself. The same goes for me. He is the most beautiful soul ever sat foot on this earth inside and out. He just forgot it to be true, like most of us do.


I will always love you.


Everything that happened, happened exactly like it was supposed to. This is what set off my awakening and it has lead me to where I am today and I am forever grateful for that.


About 8 months later lightning struck again. My mom found out she had pancreatic cancer with only 3-6 month left to live. She was 61 years old.


Was this a bad joke? Was this seriously happening right now?!? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!


For 7 month straight I went into war mode. I was by my mom’s side 24/7 trying to find a cure for her worldwide. I was looking for doctors that would operate on her in France and Germany when Sweden said no.I found an alternative treatment center in Mexico we were thinking of going to as well. I got written of sick from work cause I didn’t have time to be there I was on a mission.


I was gonna save my mom.


I searched for help day and night and finely found a clinic in Germany called Arcadia Praxis for alternative treatments. It turned out to be the most amazing place and I recommend everyone suffering from any severe disease to go there. After all my frightening findings, in my world it’s the ONLY way to go. Anyways, we went to Germany for two weeks. Her body was so messed up from the poisonous chemo she got before we left, so after only 5 days she couldn’t take any more treatments, so we ended up in a regular hospital in Germany because she got really sick.


I felt like I was wide awake in a never ending nightmare.


They got her stable enough so I could take her home again. One week after we came home I had signed up for a life coaching course. It was something a friend of mine had said to me a couple of months earlier that got me to do it. She said that all I ever do is help everyone around me, why not make it a living. The second she said those words to me, something inside me clicked. The feeling I felt is indescribable and I didn’t hesitate for a second. While still having her on the phone I googled and found Kjell Haglund, ( amazing Life Coach and signed up to take his class to become a certified Life Coach.


The first session was a week after we came home from Germany. I didn’t wanna leave my mom but something inside me told me to go so I listened. It was the best thing I could have ever done for me and my mom. I met this amazing girl on the first day there.


She gave my mom healing once a week from November until the end of March the next year. That alone gave her 6 more months to live, that’s how powerful healing is. But what’s meant to be will find a way and we came to the point when it was time for my mom to move on.


It took 4 weeks from when the healing stopped until she was gone. Healing is something I recommend for everyone. It dissolves inner blockings and gets you back in the flow. This was new for me too but since I awakened nothing surprises me anymore and there are no limits to anything. The only thing limiting you is you.


You can stand strong and see things through a different perspective no matter what is going on around you. I’ve been to hell and back several times and I have managed to turn everything I ever experienced into something positive. Never ever give up!


My dads passing has all of a sudden gotten a whole new meaning to me. It’s turned into something beautiful. He was by my moms side at the end of her road and carried her into the light. Together again, forever as one.


And here I am now, running my own business, something I thought I would never have the courage to do. I am following the feeling deep inside me trusting it completely.


I’m so grateful for everything that has ever happened to me because it has led me to where I am today. I’ve been so restless looking for happiness in all the wrong places, when as it turns out, I had all the sunshine and beauty I will ever need inside me all along. I’m feeling my way through Life and this is where it’s taken me so far. I’ve gone from totally sleeping and lost to wide awake and on my rightful path to eternal bliss in a very short period of time, changing my whole life for the better on every single area.


It’s all about balance and self love I know that now.


I spend my days helping people finding true happiness within. I’ve finally let my mom and dad go knowing they are with me always. I went from working at an insurance company to having my own Life Coaching company standing on a stage infront of thousands of people as a public speaker all within a year from when I started to follow my right feeling, and now I’m publishing my first book!


It’s partly about the journey I experienced while fighting for my other half’s Life through the swamp of addiction battling a severely broken health care system. We have been through the mother of all hells and we barely made it out alive. It’s not over yet, but we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel now. Our journey has been beyond words on all levels and our biggest help came from the other side. The reason for our journey is to spread Bliss To All Mankind, but we couldn’t have done it without experiencing it ourselves first.


My dad taught me to always go straight to the top when I want something done so for the first time in my Life, ( I can feel him smiling proudly now ) I took his advice. My book Beyond Words will soon be published Worldwide starting in Sweden.


If nothing else I told you will this is the story that’s gonna change your Life helping you get Beyond Doubt. It’s like a fairy tale, and yet it’s all true.


I am whole within. I love my Life, I am living my dreams and one by one they are all coming true. I made the change and that’s the best thing I’ll ever do.


It’s totally possible to go from having a Masters in Misery to living in Bliss no matter what Life throws at you. There is a way of standing strong through life changing changes; I’m a living proof of that. When I take my last breath on this Earth not only will I have lived in Bliss from here on out but I will have created more levels of Bliss than anyone has ever experienced before.


When you realize that there are no limits, that you can have whatever your heart desires and that you have the power to create whatever you want in your Life. When you know that who you truly are is a beautiful, amazing being feeling nothing but pure love for yourself, that’s the moment you have found the key to happiness no matter what the circumstances around you might look like.


The second you feel this, I mean REALLY FEEL it you can finally start having fun with this human experience we all call LIFE, and when that amazing moment happens, in my world,

-You’ve been